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China Ningbo Yu Cai plasticizing Co. Ltd.
Telephone:+86 13345250688
联系人 :刘经理
地 址 :浙江省宁波市余姚舜达西路285号

Plastic Raw/Recycled Material
  • EVA

  • LDPE

  • K 胶

Over the last 30 years, we've imported high quality raw materials from prestigious global brand, supply them locally and internationally by that we have earned load of credentials in the international market.

Our clients have confidence on quality and timeliness deliveries of products, since we always deal with reliable suppliers with optimal quality materials. We are among the best polycarbonate sheet suppliers as well as plastic raw materials importers. We are proud to provide high quality materials to our customers and have been dealing with some high profile clients. There is no doubts, we satisfy our customers with the best quality plastic materials.

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