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China Ningbo Yu Cai plasticizing Co. Ltd.
Telephone:+86 13345250688
联系人 :刘经理
地 址 :浙江省宁波市余姚舜达西路285号

About Us

    Ningbo Yu Cai plasticizing Co. Ltd.Is a professional engaged in rubber and plastic raw materials, production and sales of the industry and trade integrated enterprise, the company's main products are synthetic rubber and General PE plastic PVC / ABS, engineering plastics EVC PC as TPU TPR recycled plastic, etc., the company set up in 2000, with the domestic advanced production technology and first-class talent, so far, has more than 5000 employees and more than a billion of cargo throughput, at home and abroad enjoy a high reputation. Welcome visitors from all walks of life.
Company address: Zhejiang province Ningbo city Yuyao Shunda Road No. 285
Contact: Liu Genshan


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